What is the first image you see when you hear words “wedding party”?

Cutlery - zoom

In my minds eye it’s a row of people at the longest table in the world covered with a white tablecloth. Can you see it? Well, if it’s only my Polish association, don’t worry. Just imagine this in a form of kimono.

Wedding kimono - overview

A row of cutlery seating properly in their individual mini-pockets on eri collar, while the whole robe ismade of damask linen which used to be tableclothes on a restaurant boat. Small teaspoons are distant cousins who courious look around. Spoons with forks are couples – most likely the bride and groom and their parents or bestman and maid of honour. They look nobly. At the upper edge there is also a crazy auntie who sat back to front. Or maybe she’s looking for something under the table?

in a row

Come and check if you can see the same story. Or maybe your story is completely diferent? Then check it and tell me about it.



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