Wedding Kimono / 結婚式の着物

Wedding kimono - overviewThis kimono was hand sewn of old damask fabrics, previously used as tablecloths on the excursion ship Hjälmaren, which sailed along the canal of the same name. The textiles were hand-woven specifically for the luxury ship, probably in the early 19th century. I bought a basketful of them in an auction, and when I unpacked them I thought that these beautiful, thick fabrics resembled damask silks used for bridal garments in Shinto ceremonies. The idea to use cutlery as decoration occurred to me when I first encountered the Japanese art of tea: I wondered what would happen if we brought our own cutlery to the table.

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27166467904_5e100bb438_o The WEDDING KI-MONO also reflects the roles in relation to, and from, another person and his or her impact on our life, as well as the ultimate separation inherent to each relationship. This is why I used cutlery connected with significant people and events in my life.Cutlery - zoom21346385108_eca8629a1b_o

To make the decorative print and other ‘embellishments of the kimono’, I used original knives and forks from the wedding gift received by my parents.


Tablecloths – food – consumption – wedding – parents – close persons

Tablecloths – cutlery – food

text Joanna Bodzek with Aleksandra Görlich

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