Tailor made Kimono

The kimono is a work of fine tailoring craft, which is why I asked Annika Hed to collaborate on making this Kimono. In her work, she is guided by the idea that everyone deserves the best quality of service. Annika Hed crafts tailored garments. Every year, Japanese Nobel laureates come to her to dress well in the Western style and women visit a kimono dresser like for example  Yuriko Dalnäs, to put on a kimono in a traditional way.

SONY DSCTraditional kimono were unstitched before washing and then white, pronouncedly visible baste was used to sew them back together. In northern Honshu, the white seams would even take on the form of decorative patterns covering large fragments of the fabric. Read more in the Kimono Reconstruction Catalogue

text Joanna Bodzek with Aleksandra Görlich


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