The Story

KI-MONO Reconstruction Project
photo: Irina Anufrieva, Piak

Kimono. After studying Japanese design-way, especially Rey Kawakubo and her garments, I went on to apply my perception of how  Kawakubo is thinking in her design. I created the KIMONO RECONSTRUCTION Project its main purpose was to redesigns Kimono in the same way Kawakubo redesigned western garments. Knowing almost nothing about kimono nor Japan I have learned and develop whole new understanding while following that road, what was initially to be one year project lasted for 5 years, granting me the opportunity to dive deep into the Japanese culture and maybe even the soul and to visit this incredible country, falling in love and ending up ..still not knowing how to redesign a kimono…

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when he embraced me in my long-sleeved kimono
showing yellow daffodils along a running stream.
He gently praised my twenty-year-old petals.

KIMONO 1984, Toshio Nakae