Noble Prize and Kimono Rec has now something incommon

THE TAILORED KIMONO was thought by me in terms of subversion of the Japanese FASCINATION WITH WESTERN HIGH-QUALITY GARMENTS AND DESIGN, just then when I worked on it with Annika, one day in November,  I have bumped in right to the Nobel Prize laureate in Economic Sciences Mr Alvin E. Rothn while he was dressing up for the occasion. While TV team was filming his every move the building was surrounded by the Japanese press photographing widely and waiting for the Japanese laureate in medicine.. amazingly right timing in relation to my own ideas on the matter.

And Please notice extremely happy me.. the happiness is due to that I am almost feeling fated that I could experience all that, that I was thinking about during design of particularly this kimono, as real. Just an hour later the Japanese Nobel Prize Laureate in Medicine Mr Shinya Yamanaka team came to dress up ..but it was a bit less relaxed atmosphere ..not possible to take the same pictures than :).. However I got inspired to listen to Nobel lecture in economics at the Stockholm University, I love when life takes its own course and one if one is able to  follow it is fascinating at times.

The Noble Prize Lecture

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