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Matsushima ah!

A-ah, Matsushima, ah!

Matsushima, ah!

#For me Matsushima is an expression of love. I ask people of different origins to read the poem thinking of a place or a person that left an irreplaceable trace in their soul, perhaps similar to the one that Matsushima left in the heart of Basho. People are free to choose a place where they would like to read the poem and they are free in their expression.# says Irina Anufrieva

Irina Anufrieva started the recordings during our collaboration on kimono reconstruction and completed the video for the Ki_mono Unprefect exhibition 2015 in Krakow at the Manggha Museum.

Matsushima was the chosen home of Basho in the later years of his life. After his first visit to Matsushima in 1689, Basho wrote the Matsushima poem. It was written as an expression of joy and adoration of the indescribable beauty of Matsushima islands.

In March 2011 the Matsushima area was severely affected by the earthquake and tsunami that hit northern Japan.

This work is our tribute to Matsushima.

Irina Anufrieva for Ki-Mono Reconstruction. 2011-2015

Editing & production by piak; editing (Mariestad) by Katya Sivers

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