Kitchen clothes

In the old days kimono were all kinds of wear (exactly as the word ‘kimono’ means). Its purpose was to cover a person who work in a kitchen or to clean tatami mats, or to wash just-dyed textiles in a cold water. It must have been a wear ready to be used in various conditions, so this hadn’t been only yūzenzome or katazome kimono. Sometimes a wear was resewn from old textiles, it looked like a patchwork, and it was called ‘boro’.

The kitchen cloth kimono is a modern approach to this kind of wear. It symbolizes work. It’s made of used kitchen cloths – tools of women working at home. A keyword for this work is ‘home’ and all connotations connected with it: ‘calmness’, ‘warmness’, ‘hospitality’, and later on: ‘meal’, family’, ‘love’, ‘care’. One careful hand embroidered monograms seen on the textile, another one prepared a dinner, washing and wiping plates, cups and cutlery for relatives thirty or fifty years ago.

Look at this kimono, feel its atmosphere and tell me, what is the first association which comes to your mind.

kitchen clothes

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