Venue: Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, Manggha, Krakow, Poland. June – September 2015

KIMONO UN-PERFECT is an interactive installation of works by Joanna Bodzek, a Polish born artist and designer living and working in Sweden. KIMONO UN-PERFECT will be a culmination of all Bodzek’s work created for Kimono Reconstruction (2009-15), shown in its entirety.  Bodzek places this work at the intersection of both figurative and conceptual art, using the language of her own European culture to facilitate her examination of the kimono via social perspective, fairy tales and works of art. Kimono-like garments, video work and photography are used to look at the symbolism of this traditional Japanese dress, which is nowadays deemed difficult to interpret, even for those living within the culture from which it came.21703078526_5650f85048_z
Bodzek’s kimonos from her Kimono Reconstruction Project, are often made from recycled materials like tea towels, tablecloths and other handmade textiles which carry their own narratives corresponding to the stereotyped female role. Her fascination with Japanese culture began with studying the work of Rey Kawakubo during her time at Central Saint Martins, and deepened later while collaborating with the Butoh artists and performers._KRA0733Artist Statement:

“Within the Kimono Reconstruction, I explore the border between both the familiar and unfamiliar in relation to tradition and ideals of beauty; things we do not recognise through the themes of identity and diversity. I am linking the cultures of West and East through this work, exploring my obsession and fascination with the mystery of the Geisha, specifically her white makeup and her ultimately mesmerising beauty.meeting in Gion_sWhile considering the name of the exhibition I came across Shakespeare Sonnet 23conveying perfectly the many layers of this work.

As an unperfect actor on the stage,
Who with his fear is put besides his part,

Or some fierce thing replete with too much rage,
Whose strength’s abundance weakens his own heart;

 text Joanna Bodzek with Aleksandra Görlich

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