Ki-mono Reconstruction meeting acclaimed kimono dressing master Yuriko Dalnäs

Skärmklipp1Joanna Bodzek: design, concept & direction; Yuriko Dalnäs: kimono dressing master; Annika Hed: kimono tailoring; piak: video. Special thanks to Igne Stalmokaite & Irina Anufrieva

KI-mono Reconstruction aims at re-designing something so japanese and untouched as the kimono garment. KI-mono becomes here, a canvas on which to paint freely and unrestricted, to combine western and eastern cultural aspects, visual traditions, preferences and ideals of beauty while creating a new space beyond East and West, a platform for both cultures to meet.

So haw was I thinking here, from the fabric trough out the collaboration with Annika i wanted to experience kimono made more the Japanese way. Even this work brought other more surprising experiences.. like a meeting Nobel Prize laureate …redressing or work with Yuriko. However even this one followed my vision, again, the west meets east  within me and I observe how everything happens, from the vision to the result , really.. it really is the way that counts…

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