During my research concerning Japanese textiles i’ve found a polysemantic word ‘hinagata’. its spelling in Japanese characters ‘kanji’ is 雛形 or 雛型. In the first example it’s ‘doll’ + ‘model’, in the second one there are ‘doll’ and ‘standard form of movement’ or ‘size’. Although I haven’t found an exact definition of difference between these two spellings I can tell you about two kinds of hinagata I have met. One is a paper pattern of design for kimono – the most popular are connected with the yūzen dyeing technique.

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Another is a model of kimono made in a scale 1:2 or 1:3, for example as a part of sewing excercise.


Among the ‘Kimono Un-perfect’ works you may see three such hinagata which are models for large kimono and also beautiful, small artworks worthy the same appreciation as the full-sized ones. Just take a look and check by yourself.

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