Exchangeable kimono / Open-air

Who haven’t thought about a dress while sitting at a table covered with a tablecloth made of a beautiful textile?

But how to wear a tablecloth?

Look at the Exchangable kimono and you’ll find it’s easy.

Joanna Bodzek invented a tablecloth-kimono which is ready-to-wear, yet before you wear it, you can have an apple or other tasty fruit put on a printed plates. On tv set which stands in the gallery right behind this work you may see a presentation made of photograps from Irina Anufrieva performance in which she uses it. A connotation with Manet’s painting ‘the Luncheon on the Grass’ is evident.

But the question is is always the same: how changes the textile meaning when it’s used in various ways? Is there any difference between a part of raw cotton with plates on it and a part of raw cotton worn by a person, even when it’s the same part of cotton?

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